Language Arts

Lesson by Maggie (Regan) St. Clair, Huntingtowne Farms Elementary. Imagine It, Investigations, and IB

lesson by Amanda Blethen, Huntingtowne Farms Elementary, has a combination of a literacy lesson, social studies/IB lesson, and math lesson
I'm a Little Teap Pot- Candace Jessup
Lesson to follow Unit 2 (Patterns) Lesson 1 - Mackenzie Taylor, River Gate Elementary
Lara Harris, Title I Instructional Coach
Lesson by Erika Parker, Mountain Island Elementary
Lesson By Dorcas Dixon, Albemarle Road Elementary School, Reading K/1 (09-01-2011)


Summer PD Homework:Fishy Addition for Kindergarten
Created By: Tammy Van Cleef, Title I Instructional Coach
Note: Before presenting this file be sure you have checked the SELECT ARROW and not the pen so all of the embedded functions work properly. Enjoy! :-)

Lesson by April Vermeire

Lesson by Christina Dellinger Ballantyne Elementary
Pattern Lesson by Andrea Love, Mountain Island Elementary
Calendar Lesson by Lianne Wilson, Nations Ford Elementary


Social Studies

Katherine Kil Ballantyne Elementary3